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Stephen Dent is a CPA, tax specialist, and investment banker. After graduating from Harvard with an MBA in 1982, Dent began working as an investment banker, doing mergers and acquisitions. Dent worked for three years at Price Waterhouse Cooper after finishing his degree, then moved on to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter where he worked in mergers and acquisitions. In 1986 Stephen Dent opened Dent Inc., becoming President of the investment banking firm. As president, Stephen Dent also handles all the company’s investments. Dent Inc., in based out of Greenwich, CT.

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During his career as a Tax specialist, Stephen Dent has been featured as an industry leader in several articles, and Stephen Dent has been in the media’s interest for his innovative and profitable investment techniques. More information about Stephen Dent in the media can be found under “Links and News.”

Taxes due around the corner

MARCH 6, 2014 - Tax season is in full swing and the deadline is right around the corner. With that, there are many new tax laws/ tax laws that have changed in which you as a business should be taking advantage of. Stephen Dent recommends taking a look at the following and make sure you are up to date so you can maximize your tax refund.

  • New Medicare taxes
  • Higher income taxes
  • Cost of living adjustments
  • New way to determine the home office deduction

There are also a few new changes to tax law for 2014.

  • There has been an increase for a tax credit for small businesses who cover at least 50% of their employee's medical care..
  • The standard millage rate for calculating fuel reimbursements has dropped by half a cent from last year at 56 cents per mile.
  • The limits on contributions towards retirement plans has increased over last year.
  • Social Security wage has been increased its base limit for FICA and self-employment tax to $117,000 by $2300 dollars.